Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What information should I expect to be included with an estimate?
A. Your quote should include the following: the work that needs to be done, how long it is expected to take and warranty information.

Q. I have more than one estimate. One is much lower than the others. Should I go with the best price?
A.Not necessarily. If one quote is a lot lower it may be that there is a difference in the quality of materials used, attention to detail during installation or how thorough the contractor is. Make sure that all estimates are quoting for the same specifications. Ask questions and be sure you are knowledgeable and satisfied with the answers before hiring a contractor.

Q. A contractor tells me I can save a lot of money if I pay him cash. Is this a good idea?
A. Absolutely not. A professional contractor would not suggest this. “Under the table” work is often inferior, done with lower quality materials, and it is illegal. Often these “companies” go out of business after a few months leaving you with no recourse if the job is poorly done and there would be no way of getting your money back if you cannot find them. Most often these contractors who make these offers don’t usually have proper insurance, which could leave you liable if they are injured working on your property.

Q. Anything I can do to prepare before you start?
A. Yes, any of the exterior walls that have pictures, shelves or anything valuable you may want to remove because we will vibrate the walls. Even if you have something that is not on an outside wall but you are concerned about it, you should remove it just to be on the safe side.

Q. How long before the work begins?
A. Typically 2 to 3 weeks after the contract is signed. Depends on type and amount of work being done, weather, and what materials we need to order etc.

Q. How long will the work take to complete?
A. Siding: Typically 7 to 10 days. Depends on the amount and type of siding, layout of the home, weather etc.  Windows: Typically 2 to 3 days. Depends on the number of windows, type of windows, weather etc. Doors: Typically 1 day. Depends on how many doors are being put in.

Q. Do we need to be at home while the work is being done?
A. It is not necessary for when siding/windows/doors are being performed. It is a good idea to be there the day work begins, so if there are any questions they can be addressed. Only when we are replacing the windows and/or doors we will need to access inside the home to trim windows etc.

Q.When replacing old siding, is all the old siding removed on the first day?A.Typically yes, we try to get the mess out of the way and clean up so you can begin to enjoy what’s to come.

Q. How do you keep rain water from getting into the house?
A. The siding is designed to take the brunt on the water. The moisture barrier/house wrap in conjunction with flashing and window tape keep the water from reaching the wall cavity.

Q. How do you manage the discarded construction debris, and what should I do to prevent flats in my tires and damage to my car?
A. Whenever there is heavy construction debris it is good to park as far from the work being performed as possible. Our crew performs regular clean ups to keep your home site as neat as possible. Upon completion of the job, our crew complete a final clean up and use a nail sweep around the areas as well as an left over materials they have been working on to prevent any future damage.

Q. How do you work around plants?
A. Some homes have flower beds right up next to the home and we cannot avoid them to get to the wall. No matter how careful we are we have to get into the flower beds to work and some damage may happen.

Q.If you do find damage behind the old siding is there any additional charges? A. Yes, but all areas requiring extra work will be brought to the homeowner’s attention first.

Q. What are your warranties?
A. We offer a 1 year warranty issued from a date of completion. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty for their products.

Q. Is it possible to have our windows replaced during the cold winter months?
A. Absolutely! Our expert installation staff do window replacements 12 months of the year with minimal disruption to the comfort level in your home. Sometimes we can seal off individual rooms while the windows are being replaced.

Q. Is is possible to have windows installed in my home that we can clean easily from the inside?
A. Yes, there are various styles of windows that allow for easy window cleaning from the interior of the home.

Q. I am interested in replacement windows for my home. How do I get an estimate and am I required to replace all the windows at the same time?
A. By contacting our office by phone or email to arrange an appointment for someone to come out and measure your windows and prepare a quotation.  Homeowners have the option of replacing all their windows at once, or a few at a time. Cost and condition of the existing windows are main deciding factors when replacing windows.

Q. What is Low E glass? Do I need it on all my windows?
A. Low E glass stands for Low Emissivity glass. Basically it works by rejecting the sun’s heat and damaging solar rays in the summer and in the winter it reflects the heat in your home back inside. This reflection of heat keeps your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Low E glass also reduces the solar rays coming in through your window. This will help to reduce fading and dis-colouration of furniture, curtains, and flooring materials,. Because of the insulating properties of Low E glass, it is recommended that all windows in your home be replaced with Low E glass.

Q. Are you insured?
A. We have 2 million in general liability insurance. A copy of our insurance certificate is provided in our folder that every customer receives at the time of estimate.

Q. Can I replace my old windows with different styles or types?
A. Yes.  As a matter of fact, we can custom-manufacture all of it for you. You may want to find an independent design specialist to help find a window that best complements your home.