Get Definitions to Common Building Terms”

Soffit:  This term is known as the material used to cover the gap between the homes’ siding and the roofline.


Eavestrough:  Also known as a gutter, eavestrough is a passage way that’s used to carry rainwater off and away from a building.


Fascia: This term refers to the frieze or band that runs horizontally under the roof’s edge, forming the outer part of a cornice.


Gable: The triangular portion of a wall between the edges.


Cladding: Cladding is a trim that’s used around doors, windows and garage doors, and is usually made from aluminum. It can also be made from smart board (pressed wood) or cement fibre siding trimmings.




Red Cedar Shakes:


Fiber Cement Siding: Fiber cement siding is a combination of material made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. This siding requires very little maintenance once installed and painted, as well is a non-combustible material. Fiber cement siding is used for imitating wooden siding, clapboard and shingles. It can be used as a soffit/eave lining and can be a substitute for timber fascia’s. Here are some examples of fiber cement siding we have installed. Comes in Horizontal, Vertical, Shakes and Board & Batten


Vinyl Siding: Vinyl is a popular choice for a couple of reasons. Vinyl siding is nearly maintenance free, reasonably inexpensive and a popular choice for a vast majority of our clients. There are many different colours and manufactures of vinyl siding to choose from. Here are some examples of vinyl siding we have installed. Comes in Horizontal, Vertical, Shakes and Board & Batten


Wood Siding: Wood siding is manufactured in a variety of styles such as clapboard, rectangular plank, shingles and plywood.  Wood siding is popular for its natural beauty and appearance, as well some may consider it to be the more environmentally friendly amongst other siding materials. Wood siding is typically easy to install and easy to paint or stain. Here are some examples of Wood siding we have installed. Comes in Horizontal, Vertical and Board & Batten


Steel Siding: Steel Siding provides superior protection to weather events such as high winds and hail. It also offers better durability with a low maintenance finish. Comes in Vertical or Horizontal


Colour and Shape Samples:
 Different window styles: